Nutrition Coaching Sessions with Margie Schmid, Certified Holistic Coach

Margie is here to assist with the many different aspects of wellness and nutrition that Olson Acupuncture Group offers. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about balance. When the body is out of balance symptoms such as congestion, pain, and other ailments arise. To regain balance and heal, often times, a dietary change is needed. Margie is available to help coach and assist with the dietary changes that are prescribed – making it much easier for our patients to regain health and wellness.

In addition to dietary coaching, Margie leads classes and courses relating to common dietary issues and sensitivities. If you are curious about going dairy free or reducing your sugar consumption – Margie is here to show you the easy tricks and tips in maintaining good, healthy eating habits. Below are some of her coaching themes.

Each Coaching Session is 25 minutes. Book with Margie Here

Coaching Session Topics

Breakfast with Protein – Learn easy way to include protein for breakfast to lift your mood, focus, and energy.

Cut the Sugar – Learn the dangers of sugar and how to identify hidden sugars in your foods and stop craving.

Healthy Fats – Learn about eating healthy fats for healing, weight loss, and brain power.

Balancing Blood Sugar – Learn how to eat in balance to avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster and feel energized.

Gluten-Free the Easy Way – Learn the benefits of eating gluten-free and how easy and affordable it can be.

Grocery Shopping & Label Reading – Learn how to read labels, save money, and other shopping options for healthy food.

Meal Planning and Cooking – Learn how to save time and money while eating healthy.

Digestive Health – Learn how to heal your guy and improve your immune system to stay healthy.

Bone Health – Learn how calcium may be causing more fractures and how to improve your bone health.

Stress Management – Learn how stress is the #1 cause of illness and disease and how to manage it.