What to Expect

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Your First Acupuncture Visit (60-90 Minutes)

We begin by doing a thorough intake, asking questions about your primary issue, as well as gaining understanding of your general current state of health and health history. Chinese medicine works on multiple levels in your body, and we can usually treat multiple issues and complaints at the same time. We are very conversational in our approach, and you are welcome to ask questions at any time during the intake or treatment.

Once the intake is complete, we begin the treatment. Many clients wear loose-fitting clothes and are able to remain dressed, or we may ask you to change into a gown depending on the condition or area of the body being treated. We make sure you are comfortable, and can provide additional draping or extra pillows to ensure your relaxation throughout the treatment.

Many first-time clients are worried the needles will hurt, but generally you will only feel a slight pinching comparable to a mosquito bite. Once the needles are in, you will relax for 20-40 minutes with the lights dimmed and relaxing music playing.

Based upon the information gathered during your intake, we will share a treatment plan including recommended treatment frequency as well as any Chinese herbal formulas or lifestyle/dietary changes which we feel would be beneficial.

Return Acupuncture Visits (45-60 minutes)

We will discuss changes since your last visit, evaluate progress, and continue our acupuncture treatments. Chinese herbal formulas and lifestyle suggestions will be modified as needed.

Nutrition Response Testing

Your First Nutrition Response Testing™ Visit (60-90 minutes)

Upon scheduling your NRT appointment with us you will be given a questionnaire about your symptoms. Please have this complete before you arrive. You and Amy will have a conversation about your symptoms, lifestyle and other concerns you may have. You will then lie comfortably while she tests your reflexes and determines the best course of treatment for you. You will leave with a plan that may include dietary changes, recommendations for supplements, and/or other lifestyle changes. NRT gives you a clear and simple plan to help your body heal, detox, and strengthen for optimal health.

Return NRT visit (20-30 minutes)

Follow up visits are scheduled to check your progress after starting on your prescribed nutrition therapy plan. Amy will recheck your reflexes to see what changes and improvements have been made. You may have a change in your supplement schedule. If certain areas have healed you may find that your nutrition needs have also changed. It is important to stay consistent during this process, as it will improve how quickly you’ll start feeling your best. Amy will be able to answer any questions and address any new concerns you may have.



Prices below reflect non-insurance, discounted cash rate.

  • Acupuncture

    Initial Evaluation – $133
    Single Follow Up Treatment – $88
    Package of 5 – $418
    Package of 10 – $792

  • Veteran/Senior (70+) Treatment

    Initial Evaluation –  $112
    Follow Up Treatment – $67

  • Child Treatment - $60
  • Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

    Initial exam with Amy Olson – $165
    Re-Testing – $63
    Package of 12 sessions – $680

  • Late Cancellation/No Show - $75
  • Telehealth - Phone consultation
    25 min – $55
    50 min – $90


Acupuncture is becoming more commonly covered by insurance. New patients will be charged cash rate at first appointment until benefits can be determined, and reimbursed as needed.
To be fully informed, we suggest you contact your insurance prior to your visit to understand your benefits.
Some questions to ask:

Is acupuncture a benefit as part of my plan?
Are there any limitations to my coverage?
Is pre-authorization required?

Olson Acupuncture is an in-network provider for:


You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your treatment.

Please call our office at 651-430-0018 if you have any questions. Our helpful administrative staff will be happy to help you through the insurance process.

New Patient Forms

Please print the applicable forms, complete, and bring to your initial visit. If you are unable to complete your paperwork in advance, please arrive 15 minutes early for your initial visit. In addition, bring a list of any medications and supplements you are currently taking.

If you are using insurance, please bring your insurance cards and driver’s license. New patients will be charged cash rate at first appointment until benefits are determined and reimbursed as needed.

All Patients

Nutrition Response Testing