Welcome to Olson Acupuncture Group. We have been serving the St. Croix Valley since 2005 by helping people find relief from common and complex health challenges through traditional Chinese medicine and dietary therapy.

The human body is healthy when it is balanced, when its organs function in harmony with one another, and when the energy within the body flows properly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees pain and illness as expressions of an imbalance within the body’s system of energy. Patients are diagnosed and treated in relation to the whole body. By doing this, we can facilitate the healing of illness, the prevention of further disease, and the maintenance of further health.

Because of our WHOLE body approach, we concentrate on dietary therapy and nutrition. Without the right nutrition the body will struggle to heal. We discuss and guide patients to identify and modify stressors in the diet, including sensitivities and deficiencies that may be limiting the ability to heal and regain optimal functioning.

Our services include:


Amy Olson, LAc – Senior Acupuncturist

Tuesday & Wednesday 9 – 6
Thursday 10 – 6
Friday 9:30 – 6

Amy’s healing journey began when she sought natural treatment for her own health concerns with depression, fatigue, and digestive issues. She began learning about different healing modalities but found acupuncture and nutrition to be the most powerful and effective for healing her health. This led her to go to acupuncture school in 1999 at the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Through this education she knew she had found her calling. In 2005 she founded Olson Acupuncture Group in Stillwater and has enjoyed treating her patients for the past 14 years.

As a lifelong learner she then went on to study Nutrition Response Testing™ to offer treatment that would allow her to give a highly individualized nutrition plan that would be specific to each person. Her knowledge of nutrition, body systems, and organs allow her to treat her patients’ WHOLE body. She holds a strong belief in food as medicine and is able to coach her patients to wellness with her kind and gentle guidance. Amy is the only Advanced Clinical Practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing™, in the St. Croix River Valley.

Amy also holds a Master of Business Communications from the University of St. Thomas and a Health and Wellness Counseling Certificate from St. Catherine University. She lives in the valley and often bikes to work when she can. She loves to travel, cook, and spend time with family, friends, and her adorable cat, Crimicha.

Sara Erdman, LAc – Associate Acupuncturist

Wednesday 10 – 6
Friday 10 – 4

Sara Erdman is board certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, (NCCAOM) and is licensed by the Minnesota Medical Board. Sara earned her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from American Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) in Roseville, MN, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with an emphasis in Health Promotion & Wellness.

Sara believes that acupuncture & Chinese medicine can play an important role in an individual’s health and healing process, whether used alone or in conjunction with standard medical treatment. She has over eight years of experience treating a wide variety of health issues, including pain management, women’s health, fertility, digestive issues, headaches, fibromyalgia, neurological disorders, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other complex conditions.

Amy Sanda, LAc – Associate Acupuncturist

Monday 9 – 1
Saturday 9 – 1

Amy Sanda is a licensed acupuncturist through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, and board certified in acupuncture by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Amy attained her Master’s degree in Asian Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2006. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in English, and Communications, with a minor in Psychology, from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Amy has studied the Art of Healing Qi Gong and Reiki for over 20 years, and teaches Tai Chi classes on a regular basis. Acupuncture and working with Qi (Chi) can create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually. Tuning forks, auricular (ear) acupuncture, cupping and tuina can augment traditional acupuncture. Amy includes other modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, and enhancing Traditional Medicine with the benefits of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture. She is a certified Doula, and taking more classes on fertility through ABORM. She has found the holistic approach can transform and advance our health.

She enjoys learning more about the long history of Asian Medicine, and how it can help balance emotional issues, as well as treat chronic disorders. By going past the manifestations to a deeper level, people can work to resolve the root of many health issues.

Diane Tanning, LAc – Associate Acupuncturist

Monday 2:30 – 6

Diane discovered Traditional Chinese medicine while taking CEU classes in alternative healing modalities in order to renew her RN license. Having been in medicine since her late teens, she discovered a healing modality that fascinated her in its ability to treat numerous health issues. She began studying for her Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine which  includes Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, qigong and Tai Chi and Tui Na in 1999 and graduated in the first class of AAAOM in 2003. She has since worked at various clinics and has had her own private practice since then. Most recently she has worked the past nine years at Partners in Healing of Minnetonka with a renowned group of therapists and doctors.

Diane specializes in treating fertility and gynecological issues, emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, working with pain of all types including headaches, back and joint pain, arthritic pain etc, and working with digestive issues. She has been providing facial rejuvenation utilizing various techniques since 2005 as another area of interest.

Diane thoroughly enjoys her work and is grateful to be able to offer the help this ancient modality can provide; treating mind, body and spirit with respect, gratitude, kindness and compassion.

Valerie Zumbusch CNHP, CCT

By Appointment Only, please call 651-430-0018

Valerie Zumbusch, Founder and President of Picture My Health, LLC, has been working with thermography screening for 15 years. In 2008, Valerie became a National Trainer through ACCT for thermography. She has had an interest in the natural health field since a teenager; discovering a connection between good food and feeling good at about age 16. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband Michael and spending time at the pool with her children and grandchildren.


Patricia Henning

My name is Patricia Henning. I was born and raised in this beautiful town and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I’ve worked in various customer service positions, but found a passion in alternative healthcare while working for my chiropractor. This also was my introduction to the Standard Process supplements along with learning the difference and importance of correct nutrition. What followed was the most important and fulfilling role of my life – being my parent’s caregiver. This enabled them to live out their remaining years in the home they so lovingly built and raised our family. Not knowing next where the path would lead me, it was through an amazing chain of connections that guided me to Amy’s acupuncture clinic. It is because of Amy’s caring, sensitive nature and holistic approach that brought me to work in this healing environment. It is truly a blessing.

Jeanne Carlson

My name is Jeanne Carlson. I live in Stillwater with my husband, Randy and have an adult son and daughter in the area. I worked as an elementary school teacher in Stillwater District 834 at Lily Lake Elementary and Lake Elmo Elementary. I retired from full time teaching after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. I decided at that time I needed to concentrate on my health and reduce some of the stress. Shortly after my surgery, I was introduced to acupuncture at the Olson Acupuncture Group. I was struggling with many side affects of my treatment and acupuncture opened a whole new way to manage the symptoms. The genuine care and concern for my well being at the clinic made me feel that I was truly in the right place. I was at the clinic weekly and sometimes daily during the course of my treatment. The acupuncture treatments helped me manage the side affects and helped my immune system  remain stronger. The support of Amy Olson and her staff was a true gift. Both the physical treatment and emotional support were so significant in my recovery. In February of 2015, Amy asked me if I would be interested in working part time at the clinic. I was excited to accept the offer and am enjoying the positive and caring environment that the clinic offers. It is my hope that I can reach out to others and offer them the kind if support, care and hope that I was given in my journey.


Olson Acupuncture Group is conveniently located in beautiful downtown Stillwater on the North end of Main St. on the second floor of the Desch building. Parking is available on site and is handicapped accessible.

333 Main St. N, Suite 203
Stillwater, MN 55082

Appointments are available weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays.

Appointments: (651) 430-0018 or click here.

Clinic Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
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